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Pinterest, the biggest source of inspiration for any creative heart out there & easily one of the biggest platforms for all things wedding. Before your big day it's easy to get caught up in Pinterest and end up with hundreds of ideas - here are out top tricks for staying on top of all the bohemian wonders Pinterest holds!

1. Have a blow out, just do it! Pin anything and everything you could have every dreamed of BUT make sure you categorise your pins into seperate boards to save you time and stress. When the time comes, you will want to know exactly where you pinned all your favourite details.


2. Factor in how much work certain DIY tasks can take, what might seem simple may be a time consuming task for you and your lover to be. Make sure you read through each article before deciding to pin it, so you narrow down which DIYs will best suit you.


3. Keep in mind that you don't have to stick to the exact pin, you can change any details you want. It is all about inspiration! Find little bits and pieces that you love and turn them into your own creation. 

4. Create 'mood boards' as such with certain colour schemes, dress themes, groomsmen colour schemes and more. Embrace your inner organisation skills and group certain parts of the day together so you can narrow down what you really want.

5. Be realistic. Some pins can be out of your budget or won't fit your venue, focus on the reality of the day and enjoy making it into something special.

6. Don't skip on the little details. The great thing about Pinterest is that it has everything and anything you could ever imagine, really! Use it to your advantage to search for all the little details.


7. Don't just use Pinterest, download the 'Pinterest Browser Button' and pin from anywhere! Jump on Love Blooms and pin away! This allows you to save every form of inspiration you can find.

8. Find your favourite vendors on Pinterest, most vendors, blogs and designers within the wedding business will have Pinterest. Search them, and follow for real and raw inspiration! (check us out https://nz.pinterest.com/lovealwaysbloom/

9. Don't stick between the lines. The beauty of Pinterest is that it holds so many ideas, bigger than you could of ever dreamed of. Go for the non-traditional ideas, put your personality into your wedding day.

10. The most important tip of them all, don't get caught up in the madness. Planning a wedding can be the most exciting thing to do with your lover, but don't forget that it's not about what types of forks you have or what shoes you wear - it's about the love you are celebrating and how you are combining as one. As a whole, starting the first day of the rest of your life.