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Ahhh, so you're engaged to be married! How exciting! Being a woman I know deep down most of you have dreamed about your big day, how your future spouse will react when they see you glowing down the aisle, how your tables will be set to perfection and how there will copious amounts of bubbles and beer. No doubt you've admired other weddings from afar and thought about how magnificent they are.
Being a wedding junkie I look at multiple weddings a day, from everywhere in the world! Italian weddings with beautiful scenery amongst castles and winding roads, Australian boho weddings where the bride and groom took the DIY path, classic New Zealand weddings where everything looks perfect......



WELL - I wrote this big 'news flash' because all weddings are different shapes and sizes and prices. Many brides, from all around the world, have big beautiful weddings. But, many brides can not afford big, beautiful weddings. There needs to be a reality check, a shake up, in order to announce that it is completely A-OK to not have a big extravagant wedding. You do not need to have the added pressure of rising debt because you want to spend an insane amount of money in order to impress people. 


A wedding day outfit (I say outfit because really, your options are endless) is easily the most important outfit of a woman's life! The day you wear that outfit is the day you commit to your one true love forever and ever and ever, of course you must look your best and feel your best. Yes, this can come at a cost. But it doesn't have to! Think about the reality of it, yes it's your wedding day outfit, but would you spend over $5,000 on an outfit you will only wear once in your life? You can have a sustainable wedding outfit with added benefits. You really don't need to blow your budget on the dress! There are plenty of options, don't feel like you need to have the big extravagant wedding just because your friend or another woman did. This is your day! The one day you commit to your love forever. 


There are aspects of your wedding that will be pricey and there is generally no way around them, photography and videography will be expensive but those memories will last a life time. When you're 80 years old and you pull out your dusty wedding album and film you will be transported back to one of the most important days of your life, how magical is that?! Splurge on the things you will treasure forever and a day, not the superficial aspects. 

We live in a whirlwind of social media where there can never be too many perfect Instagram's or Facebook updates but don't focus on the picture perfect aspects of your wedding, focus on the things that you hold closest to your heart. Focus on your happiness, your families happiness and the happiness of your future forever spouse. Don't feel like you have to give into the pressure of having a big, beautiful wedding when you can not afford it. There should be no embarrassment surrounding weddings and how much money couples choose to spend, every wedding and every love story is different. Don't feel like you have to impress people on social media with the perfect fluffy white meringue dress, photographed in the perfect setting. Be you.

Whether you choose to spend hundreds, thousands or even millions on your wedding ensure that the most important aspect of your wedding is that your marriage is ultimately better than it.