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Let me introduce you to Layla Kaisi, the beautiful girl boss and assistant manager at The GoldLane Jewellery. The GoldLane is a thriving bespoke and ready to wear jewellery company, their unique designs are so one of a kind and oh so beautiful! Keep reading for where Layla draws her inspiration for her collection and how she handles the every day chaos of being a damn good Girl Boss.
  "Host" by LKC

"Host" by LKC


How did you begin working at The GoldLane?

The GoldLane Jewellery was launched in late 2012 by my father as his dream business. At the time I had just finished my final year in high-school and ready to start my undergrad at university. However, pursuing a science degree meant having no creative release leaving me questioning the path I took, and feeling somewhat directionless; To fill my time I began to take on some work with my father at The GoldLane occasionally working alongside him. Jewellery wasn’t always my passion, I saw it as just an accessory, an addition.. That is until I watched my dad work with clients; with the stories, the thanks and the history each piece created for them. I realised jewellery is one of the few things in this world that can transcend time. It carries a moment, carries emotion like no other object could. It is a physical representation of history. This is where my passion grew, as my ideas grew; eventually paving the way to creating my own collection under The GoldLane – Layla Kaisi Collection.


What aspect do you enjoy most when creating your jewellery?

Is it cheesy to say the entire process? Seriously getting to see an idea unfold, from initial inspiration to the concept stage, developing possible gem selection, designing complimentary pieces.. Nothing can describe the feeling of watching a brief idea develop into something real and tangible which you can hold in your hand! Not only that, but seeing the love clients have for the pieces which simply would have never come into existence had they not been designed is indescribable! Ideas to reality, that is the best part.


Do you enjoy styling the shoots for The GoldLane LK Collection? How do you find your creative side during this time?

Styling photoshoots for Layla Kaisi Collection is my absolute favourite part of the job! Not only do I get to work with some of the most talented creatives I know, but planning and organising creative direction and aesthetic allows so many different areas of creative work to mingle together.  I find inspiration for the aesthetic anywhere really. My recent favourite method is trolling through obscure fashion journals or websites, collecting inspiration for a physical or digital moodboard (thank you Instagram save button!). I am also always on the lookout for settings I can photograph in my everyday life which fit into my current collection inspiration.


As a girl boss, how do you manage a wicked job, studying and a social life? What is your go to remedy for taking a break?

Prioritisation is key! Starting out things were hectic, but now I make a conscious effort to pre-plan deadlines and events as far ahead as I can, to ensure I do not get unexpected overlap. An event diary keeps everything in check for me. Also it is about finding what works for you, so far I am finding the best routine for me is morning: university classes, afternoon: LKC work, and night: study/assignments.. My social life fits anywhere in-between!

Although even with a routine sometimes things just get too much and you really do need a break. My best advice is to find hobbies completely unrelated to any other aspect of what you do, something just for you and no one else. Or better yet, leave the city centre and go somewhere completely different to your everyday with people who feed your soul.


Why do you enjoy working at The GoldLane?

Finding a career in jewellery has been both the most and least surprising decision I have made. Jewellery was always involved in my life; some of my earliest memories are watching my father in the jewellery markets, discussing gold, design, and quality. Growing up, throughout school I was the girl who would always get told off for wearing non-uniform regulation jewellery and had many pieces confiscated by my teachers! But even then I never imagined one day creating my own brand, hand-selecting precious stones or designing my own collection. Every day it is about getting to watch a reality I never thought I would live unfold, and that in itself is amazing.


“I realised jewellery is one of the few things in this world that can transcend time. It carries a moment, carries emotion like no other object could”


What advice do you give to young girl bosses trying to make it in the world?

My best advice is to explore as many different aspects of your life and work as possible. When you stumble across something that makes you feel, don’t be afraid to navigate towards it and see where it takes you. Try to develop a vision of what you want and do not listen to people who tell you you are too young, too inexperienced, too naïve to make it. No one gets anywhere by listening to neigh sayers. Also be prepared to be strong because sometimes when things don’t work like you planned, you will be the only one left standing for yourself and you must be strong enough to keep going even then.  Finally, do not stress too much about the future because chances are the reality you will live will far surpass whatever life you had imagined in the first place. You have got this.


 What females do you draw inspirations from?

My inspiration comes from the many women before me who have built their own passions into their careers. Currently I love following the work of Emily Weiss, founder and CEO of Glossier skincare. She has created a brand which prioritises product innovation and emphasises natural beauty, whilst being an intersectional and transparent brand. I also follow Adeline Ania, creative director of Local Eclectic fine jewellery brand. Not only does she power the social media and marketing of the beautiful brand, but she has a way of integrating business with customers to create a feeling of real brand involvement. Adeline also has the most incredible minimalist style and I am secretly obsessed with everything she wears! Having these sorts of icons in business is so important in today’s world of massive corporations and artificial branding; they keep me grounded.



Layla pours so much love & passion into her work. She always strives for the best designs, designs that she is proud to hold her own. As a Girl Boss, she thrives while being her utmost creative self. See more of her beautiful work by clicking the link below x