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Over 3 years of marriage and a lifetime of love to go, Hollie + Scott are two absolute world changers. They are strong, yet soft and empower everything a couple in love should. They shared some key tips about love with us, and we are so grateful.


What date did you get married?



What does marriage mean to you?

Commitment to my favourite person forever


What does love mean to you?

Selflessness, Caring, support & laughing together at things and each other.


Over the years, what are your favourite memories with each other?

Travelling together & our wedding day.



How do you show your love to each other?

He allows me to shop and shop often, always making me feel like I deserve each and everything I buy for myself! We are both very affectionate so we are mindful of making sure the other persons love languages are met.


What was your favourite memory of your wedding day?

 Someone packed us candy from our wedding day candy bar and put it in our bags that made it to our hotel, and organized a beautiful bottle of champagne for us on the wedding night, it was such a lovely surprise! (we never found out who actually did it). So we sat out on the deck overlooking the ocean, ate our candy, drank champagne and reflected on our amazing day!