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Rachel and Tim, lovers that grew beyond all else. Two people who belong together forever and who will never let each other go. They found a home within each other.


How did you meet? 

We met in our second year of University in good old Dunedin. Tim lived with one of my best friends from high school whose flat was two doors down so it was pretty convenient.

What is your engagement story? 

Tim had brought the ring a few months earlier while we were holidaying in London. He knew I wanted an antique ring so that was the best place to find one. For the actual engagement he took me over to Waiheke Island, where I had never been before, and after a day of exploring and eating popped the question on our walk back to the ferry terminal. I was completely caught of guard replying with "you are such a dork" before realising what I had said and saying Yes of course!

What does love mean to you? 

Love to me is simply a feeling that once you have found you never want to let go. It shouldn't be hard or require work, it should just be




What does marriage mean to you? 

To me marriage is all about finding the one you can't imagine doing life without. Its the little things like being excited to see each other at the end of every day and having someone to talk to about anything and everything. Life isn't always fun and exciting, it is important to have a marriage that is strong in all situations.

What advice do you give to future brides planning on a budget? 

Spend money on the things most important to you and then save where you can. For us it was important we looked our best and had great food and of course wine. Things like decorations, invites and favours we made ourselves to save money.

Where was your wedding location? 

We got married on a beautiful farm just out of Tauranga which is my home town, it was absolutely perfect!




Who did your photography? 

We were very lucky as my sister is a wedding photographer. There was something super special about having my sister with me for all the intimate moments that weddings create, and of course she did an amazing job.

What was the theme/style you aimed for? 

We wanted a very relaxed, fun wedding and having it on a farm created that automatically. I'd say we aimed for a vintage/country type wedding which was probably helped by the fact I did most of the decorating and am far from a perfectionist!

Where were the brides dress/shoes/accessories from? 

My dress was far from what I imagined I would wear. I was planning to have my dress made but went to a vintage wedding fair with my mum in Auckland and tried this dress on. Automatically I fell in love with it, and the fact it was approximately 50 years old and had a story made it even more perfect. My shoes were cheap sandals from number one shoes which was a great way to save money. I wore the earrings my sister wore on her wedding which was really special, and didn't have any other jewellery. 



Where was the grooms suit from? 

My husband chose his suit from Barkers, knowing he wanted to wear navy. It was nice to know he would be able to keep it forever and it gets a lot of use with the work he does.

Where was the bridesmaids and groomsmens attire from? 

The bridesmaids dresses I had made through Moochi, I knew exactly what colour and style I wanted so that made it easy. The groomsman suits were the same as the grooms and all came from Barkers.

Where were your invitations from? 

These we made ourselves, I wasn't too worried about the invites as long as they had all the necessary information for our guests and portrayed the laid back vibe we were after I was happy.




What preparation did you do before the big day? 

I was pretty relaxed leading up to the wedding, probably spending a bit too much time at Mount Manganui Beach! The day before the wedding myself and all my bridesmaids went and got our spray tans and then had someone come to the house to do our nails and have a bit of a pamper night which was fun. Other than going on a few late-night flower raiding sessions I didn't do a whole lot else!

What is a memorable moment from your big day? 

Our favourite part was walking in to our reception after our photos had been taken. It was so special to walk in and see all our closest friends and family as newly-weds and see everyone enjoying our special day as much as we were.

Tell me about your honeymoon destination and why you chose it? 

This is the part Tim was in charge of! We went to Aitutaki in the cook Islands where neither of us had been before. It was absolutely perfect as we were so tired and there was not much else to do but enjoy the sun, beautiful water and explore the amazing culture.




What were your wedding songs? 

This was one of the hardest parts for us, music is very important to both of us so we had a lot to choose between! 

I walked down the aisle to Feels like home by Chantal Kreviazuk

Tims sister sang Forever by Ben Harper as we signed our register and we walked out too your love keeps lifting me higher by Jackie Wilson

We then walked in to our reception to one of my all time favorite songs 500 miles by the Proclaimers and then had our first dance too You make my dreams by Hall and Oates!

Did you give favours to your guests? 

Yes we sure did - I collected old baby food jars and made scented soy candles for all our guests 

Did you share any readings during your ceremony? 

We had two readings. My Granny read 1 Corinthians 13:13, while Tims cousin read the famous Dr Seuss poem "today is your day"