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Shelby and Callum have always belonged together. Their easy going love tells a tale of how their love grew strong and stronger over the years. A mutual weirdness can often be called love, and thats where they found each other.
Simplicity in love, in all it's glory. 
How did you meet?

We actually met at school but weren’t even friends. We met up again a couple of years after school at a bar and found each other quite funny so we started chatting and getting to know each other after that night!


What is your engagement story?

This is such a long and dramatic story! It helps to know that Callum had “proposed” at least 20 times prior. We were out one evening and Callum got pretty sick and ended up in hospital. He said that if he made it through (see – dramatic) that he was seriously going to propose. Turned out he had choked on a chicken wing, so needless to say he made it through and simply proposed at home, down on one knee with a big speech – it was super low key but really special!


What does love mean to you?

Callum summed this up really well in an email to our celebrant – “Shelby is everything I live for and I would do anything for her. She comes first.” I agree with this 100% and I truly think that’s what love is and what it means – you live to make sure the other is happy and looked after.


What does marriage mean to you?

We both see it as the ultimate commitment – it’s vowing you will stay together through thick and thin and until the end of time!


Callum and Shelby for Love Always Blooms


What advice do you give to future brides planning on a budget?

Try and work to half your actual budget originally. That way you have the other half for the bits and pieces you don’t think about at the start, or any extras you realise you might want! And don’t forget to factor in tax/GST when budgeting as most prices are excluding.


Where was your wedding location?

We got married at a wedding venue in Kumeu (Auckland, NZ) called Allely Estate. It has amazing gardens and is a really relaxed low key vibe!


Who did your photography?

The beautiful and super talented Libby Robinson! We had so much fun shooting with Libby, she made everyone feel so comfortable. Our photos turned out AMAZING – we are so obsessed with them!


What was the theme/style you aimed for?

We didn’t really aim for a theme or style per say. We wanted something pretty and simple. Given the venue had beautiful gardens we did play to that a bit, and had lawn games and a lot of flowers and greenery including an amazing floral chandelier from the crazy talented Rosie (Rose Tinted Flowers). We also had a lot of fairy lights and candles. To match the fairy lights, we had a bit of silver linked in with vases and our menus but that’s probably the extent of what we aimed for. The rest just fell into place.


Shelby and Callum for Love Always Blooms


Where was the brides dress/shoes/accessories from?

My dress was from Grace Loves Lace. It was honestly so comfortable and fit perfectly. They make the dresses to your measurements and use a beautiful stretch French lace, which meant no alterations for me! My shoes were really plain white open toe heels from Tony Bianco which were a good height and had a thick heel for walking on grass. I also had an insane 2.4 metre long veil (also from Grace Loves Lace) paired with some diamond studs Callum got made for me.


Where was the grooms suit from?

Callum’s suit was from Rembrandt. From the day we got engaged he knew exactly what he was after – a navy three-piece suit with brown shoes. Rembrandt had a gorgeous navy suit, which fitted so well! He also had Rembrandt make custom ties for him and the groomsmen, finished with a pocket square.


Where was the bridesmaids and groomsmen attire from?

The bridesmaids’ dresses were from Australian designer Shona Joy. I wanted them to wear something that they could most likely wear again, as opposed something that is just put in the back of the wardrobe. The groomsmen wore the same Rembrandt suit as Callum, but in a two-piece rather than a three. Everyone looked incredible!


Where were your invitations from?

Our invites were designed especially for us by the super talented Charise Geyser! She put up with me being extremely OCD about them and worked so closely with us. The invites even had glittery writing, which we loved!



What preparation did you do before the big day?

I was supposed to go on a wedding diet but that really didn’t end up happening (especially given I ate McDonalds the day before) but I did do a lot of preparation for my skin. Charlotte from The Beauty Bar put together a treatment plan to make sure my skin looked amazing! That consisted of Osmosis infusion facials and a dermablading session (which removes all your face fluff meaning your make up goes on so smooth). I also had a couple of teeth whitening sessions, and a hair and make up trial. Callum also jumped on board with some teeth whitening and some microdermabrasion facials to get him looking good too!


What is a memorable moment from your special day?

There is a couple actually! We didn’t know who should do their vows first so we rocked off (paper, scissors, rock) to see who would go first. Walking into our reception after being announced as husband and wife for the first time was a huge highlight – we literally felt like celebs (I think I strutted in rather than walked)! Also nipping out for sunset photos in the middle of our reception – it was a moment of calm amidst the chaos and we got to spend a few special minutes together just us!


Tell me about your honeymoon destination and why you chose it?

We went to Hamilton Island which is near the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. We wanted to go somewhere reasonably close to home, and this was one place neither of us had been to! We both like to dive and wanted to tick diving the Great Barrier Reef off the bucket list, so that coupled with the luxury resorts on the island cemented it for us. We loved it – we lived like celebrities for the week, chartering helicopters, eating the most amazing food and drinking incredible wine!



What were your wedding songs?

I walked down the aisle to Holocene (by Bon Iver), we walked out to Semi-Charmed Life (Third Eye Blind), entered the reception to Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Kanye West) and had our first dance to the acoustic version of Latch (Sam Smith). All songs fitted each event perfectly for us!!


Did you give favours to your guests?

No we didn’t! We thought unlimited drinks and yummy food were favour enough! This is a really good place to save money – majority of people we spoke to said their favours weren’t even taken home by guests.


Did you share any readings during your ceremony?

We had an extremely short reading in the ceremony – a little poem by Dr. Seuss - “We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” Callum and I both admit we’re pretty weird so we thought this was a cute little reading to incorporate