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David Le is an absolute whirlwind behind the camera, he will help make your wildest dreams come true while ensuring you are smiling the whole journey.


What do you you enjoy about wedding photography?

Being able to capture one of the biggest and happiests days of a couples life. Just being around the excitement, the love, the laughter and most of all the fun! I feed off peoples energy, and the energy on a wedding day is awesome!


What has been your favourite memory of wedding photography so far?

I have more than one haha! But first is having my work featured on a wedding blog, then being featured on the same wedding blogs that people who inspire me or who I look up to, that was the bees knees. That was kind of the moment I though to myself I’m finally cracking it! But also, just every time I get a new wedding booking. That just confirms that another two more people like my work and think I’m special enough to get me to join them on their wedding journey!


What do you sometimes find difficult during the big day?

The biggest thing on the day of a wedding, especially in the hustle and bustle of the wedding season is saying goodbye to my little kids in the morning. When you’re doing 20+ weddings a season, that’s 20+ Saturdays I don’t get to hang out with my kids. I usually crank out a good 12 hour day, so by the time I get home, the kiddies are fast asleep in bed. If it wasn’t for my amazing wife, I don’t know if I could do it! 

But as for the weddings themselves, they are easy, people keep saying to me, there must be so much pressure, but I love it!


What are some of your favourite wedding locations to shoot?

I love a good old farm wedding. Everything is rustic and quirky or old, there is always something with a bit character and a bit of story behind it. The best venue I have shot at was on a farm, the couple had converted their parents calf shed (fully functional) into the wedding ceremony location in a matter of 3 months. It was epic! But i also just love shooting at new locations, places I’ve never been, I love the adventure!


How does wedding photography make you feel in comparison to your other work?

I love being able to express my creativity through my photography. I get to experience other cultures, new environments and even new countries! Photography is so subjective too, so I know I can’t please everyone, but when people let me know that they love it, or they book me because they love my style, that is awesome!


Why did you choose to start wedding photography?

I’ve been in the design industry for over a decade so I always had a close relationship and interest in photographers and photography. How I actually came into wedding photography though was through a close friend. Her photographer pulled out last minute and she asked if I would be willing to do it. I said yes, did it, loved it and never really looked back.


Who are some wedding photographers you look up to/draw inspiration from?

I’m lucky enough to know some really talented people, couple of local photographers Brad Boniface and Toni Larsen their work is amazeballs! And couple of people who have given me advice and words of encouragement while I was starting up Richie Granger and Van Middleton again, two wickedly talented artists! Those two have been super inspirational and really gave me the confidence to push myself.


How do your couples get in contact with you? i.e. word of mouth?

I don’t do wedding expos (not really my thing!), so all I rely on is word of mouth, recommendations and good old google pointing people to my website! From there, people can either call or email me, or even send me a message via my website or Facebook! I always recommend catching up over a hot cuppa at a cafe too, A/ because I get to have a yummy hot chocolate B/ We get to meet in person and get to suss each other out to see if we click! If we can’t meet up prior to the wedding, I always try to Skype or FaceTime with my couples too, good old technology!


How do you stay inspired and creative during the big day?

I love just browsing through wedding blogs (like Love Blooms!), always researching and always learning. At every wedding I do, I always try a new technique, or refine ones I haven’t mastered. That’s the great thing about photography, there is always something new to learn or try.  I’ve always been into sport too, so am quite competitive, so just getting inspiration from people who are the best at what they do, be it, photography, art, sport. Just picking their brains, trying to take the best bits of what they do to be successful, that gives me the drive to keep pushing. I’ve also got a tonne of talented and creative friends and family who inspire me too! And they’re also my harshest critics (which is a good thing!)


Do you have any tips for couples planning their big day?

Where do I start! First and foremost, do what makes you and your partner feel happy, it’s your wedding day, you make the rules. If you want epic photos, allow time for them, good photos take time, want that soft golden light, plan some time to have photos around 30-60 minutes before sunset. For the bride, if you want those magical epic photos of you strolling through the field or in the forest, know that your dress will most likely get dirty, but trust me, it will be worth it! Choose to work with people you’re comfortably with, especially your photographer - they’re going to be with you pretty much ALL day, so you want to get some good vibes off them and don’t want to feel any more stressed and awkward while they point that big click flashy thing at you, so make sure you meet up up over a coffee pre wedding!

Check out more from David at http://davidle.co.nz/