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Emma Keirle of Sweet Events Photography is a team of one located in central Auckland, New Zealand. Emma is a lover of love, natural light and candid moments.  


She will make you feel cool, calm and collected on your whirlwind of a wedding day, put your faith in her and find out a little more below.


What do you enjoy about wedding photography?

Everything! It’s so varied, every couple and wedding is different, every family is different…


What has been your favourite memory of wedding photography so far?

So many to choose from… but at one of my recent weddings we did a bride/father first look… the whole room was in tears - it was such a special moment and I’m so glad I was able to capture it for them. I’ll be recommending this to all of my brides from now on!


What do you sometimes find difficult during the big day?

Tearing myself away at the end of the day. You almost feel like family after spending such an important day with your couple and their families and it’s sad to say goodbye at the end of it.


What are some of your favourite wedding locations to shoot?

We are spoilt for choice with gorgeous wedding venue's in New Zealand, with the likes of Markovina, Boutique Barn, Allely Estate to name but a few. My personal favourite is anywhere where I can incorporate some beautiful scenery, or long grass… or an epic sunset.


How does wedding photography make you feel in comparission to your other work?

I smile all day. Love and happiness is infectious. To be able to document weddings is such a privilege and I’m so lucky to get to do it as my job! I smile the whole time when I’m editing - which I love - because if if the photos have that effect on me I know my couples are going to LOVE them!!



Why did you choose to start wedding photography?

I was already working as a portrait and family photographer and one of my families asked me to capture their wedding. I originally said no, “I’m not a wedding photographer”, but they were really keen so I thought I’d give it a go. I fell in love there and then and haven't looked back.


Who are some wedding photographers you look up to/draw inspiration from?

When I was first starting out I contacted Joanna Walker to get some experience as a second shooter. She kindly agreed to work with me and I still help her out from time to time. This was a key stage in my wedding photography career, as it helped me gain experience and confidence - she’s an awesome photographer and was so generous with her advice.


How do your couples get in contact with you?

I advertise on various wedding blogs and magazines, and attend wedding fairs - I’ll be at the Hitch’d Wedding Fair in May. Many of my lovely couples have kindly referred me to their friends and family - which is always nice!


How do you stay inspired and creative during the big day?

Lots of preparation beforehand in location scouting and getting to know my couples. On the day itself I tend to let events unfold and roll with them. My style is relaxed and editorial so I try not to interfere with whats going on too much, I like to capture real moments. On a wedding day there are plenty of those so I just need to be in the right place at the right time, like a friendly little camera ninja.


Do you have any tips for couples planning their big day?

Your day will go by super fast, so remember to breathe, relax (as much as possible) and enjoy it. If things don't go quite to plan don't worry, just remember the reason behind all of it is the person you love - if you feel overwhelmed just look into his/her eyes and remember nothing else matters.