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Libby Robinson is a strong believer in life's precious moments, and she is truly magical at capturing them. Libby tells stories through her lens, stories of love, friendship, beauty and true passion. 

What do you enjoy about wedding photography?

I absolutely love that every wedding is so different and unique in it’s own way. I love that the day is so varied, it keeps the photography so interesting! There are so many different elements to the day, getting ready, ceremony, bridal party photos, reception… You have everything from laughter and tears, excitement and emotion. It’s an honour to be part of so many people’s big day!


What has been your favourite memory of wedding photography so far?

It’s hard to pin point a favourite memory, but one thing I do love at every wedding is the moment that the groom sees the bride walking down the aisle, it often makes me well up with emotion!!


What do you sometimes find difficult during the big day?

One thing I sometimes find difficult is family photo time – if I don’t have a helper from each of the families,  I don’t know who everyone is so can be hard to organize them all!


What are some of your favourite wedding locations to shoot?

I love the beauty of nature, so anywhere with rolling hills, beautiful trees, and soft light would be my favourite.



How does wedding photography make you feel in comparission to your other work?

It is an honour to shoot weddings, it’s such a momentous day which I feel very honoured to be part of.


Why did you choose to start wedding photography?

I had a lot of friends asking me to photograph their weddings. I quickly realised that I loved photographing weddings – the day is so varied, so meaningful and at the same time, a great challenge!


Who are some wedding photographers you look up to/draw inspiration from?

There are so many wonderful wedding photographers out there, I admire a lot of people! I particularly love Hannah Beth Photography, she is based in LA but travels for weddings – she’s a great friend of mine and photographed my wedding too!


 How do your couples get in contact with you?

I find that most couples get in contact with me through word of mouth – it’s the best way because they already somewhat know and trust you! I also get brides contacting me through my Instagram and website.


How do you stay inspired and creative during the big day?

I stay inspired by really being in the moment, immersing myself in the wedding day and taking every opportunity!


Do you have any tips for couples planning their big day?

I would say, keep it simple, do what you love and have always wanted for your wedding (don’t get swayed by other people’s opinions). Remember that the day is all about you and your partner, figure out what is important to you and make decisions based around that.



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